Kamiya Saki

Birthday: September 27

Joined: August 2nd 2014 (original member from Pla2me)

Color: Blue

Singles: Plastic 2 Mercy, UNIT, Happy Lucky KiraKira Lucky, QUEEN OF POP, WE ARE the IDOL, Plastic 2 Mercy (2016), FOUL, GANG 2.

Albums: P.O.P, Barely Last.

Lyrics: Plastic 2 Mercy, UNIT, too misery, toraresou, Letter, Daydream, Lonely lonely lonely, fly away, ISSIN ITTAI, Barely Last, crazy night, QUEEN OF POP, FOUL.

Kamiya Saki was a member of the final lineup of BiS back in 2014 when it disbanded. At the final live she announced the duo Pla2me, along Mizuta Mari. The group name changed to POP and during their performance in Tokyo Idol Festival due disrespecting the rules she was put in hiatus. It lasted for 5 months but in the meanwhile Saki worked as a staff. She came back after running a 100km marathon in less than 24h and then performing a live right after. The group name changed to GANG PARADE and some months later by the time FOUL was released she shaved her head. It was meant as a gesture for GANG PARADE but shortly after she was traded with BiS member Aya Eight Prince. She was a BiS member from May 2017 until March 2018, when she returned to GANG PARADE.


Saki is responsible for a lot of choreographies and after returning to GANG PARADE she shares this role with Maika. 

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